Older customers increase restaurant visits while millenials decline

The proportion visits made by older consumers in the USA has grown steadily over the past five years while visits from Millennials have declined.The research from The NPD Group, shows that older consumers are making more visits to every segment of the restaurant industry than prior to the recession.Restaurants

Historically, older consumers were less frequent restaurant visitors than those in younger age groups and so received less marketing attention as efforts generally were made to reach the heaviest buyers.

The visit rate for older restaurant consumers is now the same as it is for those younger. Boomers and older have increased their share of restaurant traffic by six percentage points since 2008 and Millennials have decreased their share of traffic by six percentage points.

With this in mind, restaurants need to consider their age-friendliness. Lighting, ambient noise, menu design, seating all need to be reviewed. To find out more, click here.