Apathy toward healthy ageing a challenge for food manufacturers: Research

One in four ageing Europeans ignore their own health issues and few seek ways to remain healthy through diet or exercise.

These sobering findings have emerged from multinational research from Fonterra, the New Zealand Dairy company. The study covered 3,700 adults aged 50 ~ 75 from China, Japan, USA, Germany and France.sarcopenia

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Fonterra’s main interest in this area is to use its dairy products to deliver protein, recognised for it’s role in preventing muscle loss (sarcopenia). A Fonterra research report from 2011 explains the case. Download the 2011 report here.

Clearly, food companies governments must continue to invest heavily to educate ageing consumers about the importance of health maintenance and the issues such as sarcopenia, before they can reap the potentially massive rewards the ageing consumer will bring.