Google Glass has potential market among older people

Google Glass may find a large and loyal customer base is in helping families and communities deal with the ravages of old age. It’s another example of how new technology can and should be re-purposed for the ageing society. See my post on the Apple iWatch.

provides some examples of Gen A Google Glass applications in this article on ZD Net;oldman-1-v1-620x933

  • Google Glass sensors can track a person’s gait and identify mobility problems that signal a potential fall and broken bones in the near future. Early warning signs can trigger preventative treatments, and healthcare providers would be motivated to try stop a fall before it happens
  • Reminders for taking medication and preventing double dosing — a big health problem. Plus, reminders of family birthdays
  • People beginning to suffer from dementia would find Google Glass-based apps tremendously useful. For example, the device could recognize family members and offer simple messages, such as, “This is your son, his name is John. Say, ‘Hello John, how are my beautiful grandchildren?”
  • When John asks his aged mother, “Do you remember the trip we took last year to Las Vegas?” Google Glass can run a quick replay video of the highlights. Not only would John’s mother recall the trip, but she could use John’s wireless printer to print out her favorite photos for him, right there and then
  • Families are often separated from their older members because of jobs thousands of miles away. They could check-in with their parents very easily. With Google Glass-type devices, they could patch into what they are doing, even what they are seeing (there would be a “courtesy” filter to screen out any embarrassing scenes)
  • And if there were a problem, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” aid would be on the way in seconds
  • Finding old episodes of favourite TV shows

Good ideas all.