Age-based calorie guidance in food advertising

This ad for Sushi King caught my eye because of the focus on calories per serving.

The restaurant which promotes itself as “The largest sushi chain restaurants (sic) in Malaysia” also contains overall daily calorific guidance based on age and gender:Sushi_calories

  • 2200 Kcal – Women
  • 2500 Kcal – Men
  • 1800 Kcal – Junior
  • 2000 Kcal – Senior

Apparently these are the recommended nutrient intake values for Malaysia (2005). Given the epidemic of obesity, particularly prevalent in Malaysia, this seems like a really good initiative and one to watch.

On checking their website however, there is no mention of calorie intake at all so it seems another example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. That’s a shame as they could have made much more of this concept online.