Brands failing to connect with ageing consumers in China

Only 8% of people 50+ believed ads are currently “aimed at them”.

This is despite findings from the same Mintel Research showing that :China ageing

  • 34% of this audience had “no worries” about their financial future
  • 16% of retired participants also shopped more than when they worked
  • 20% travelled with higher regularity than when they worked
  • 31% cooked more often than when they worked
  • 57% devoted more time to exercise than when they worked
  • 44% now spent more on days out, 35% for eating out and 20% for air travel
  • 38% had raised their outlay on pharmaceuticals
  • 16% had raised their outlay on small electrical appliances
  • 15% had raised their outlay on household cleaning lines
  • 13% had raised their outlay on consumer electronics

The Mintel study reported here in WARC, polled 3,600 people aged 50+.

Mintel’s research director for Asia Pacific was quoted as saying; “China’s elderly, clearly a group with money in their pockets, do not feel like there are enough goods or services that are targeted at them.”

China has one of the world’s fastest ageing populations. By 2030, the country will have more people over 50 than the entire population of the USA.