Consumer insights from ageing Japan – valuable marketing learning for all

Download a very insightful report from Hakuhodo, one of Japan’s leading communications companies.

Japan’s simultaneous declining birthrate, ageing population and shrinking overall population have not been experienced by any other country at any time in history, putting Japan in unknown demographic territory. The Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living (HILL) looked at this trend from a fresh perspective, that of individuals as offspring. Japan, today, is set to experience an age of extended offspringhood, where the time between an individual’s birth and the death of both of his or her parents is some six decades. In Japan, both the slice of the population pie made up of offspring, as well as the portion of a person’s lifetime spent as an offspring have grown.

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OffspringKey trends include:

  • Growing numbers of middle-aged and older offspring: Adult children with living parents account for half of the total Japanese population
  • The average age of offspring tops 30: The average age of all child and adult offspring is now 32.8
  • Parent-offspring relationships now last 60 years: The life span of the parent-offspring relationship is now around 60 years, with people living 2/3 of their lives as offspring

The report suggests some implications and marketing opportunities in this age of ‘extended offspringhood’:

  1. New targets and new kinds of purchasing behaviour based on insight into the positive aspects of prolonged offspringhood: Bi-generational learning, carefree 40s, women with home businesses, retiree-retiree startups, offspring retirees.
  2. New lifestyles and lifestyle infrastructure that support familial relationships: Expanded family living, nomadic childrearing, multi-generational content, bi-generational travel, special occasion concierge services.

Well done Hakuhodo.