Euromonitor's TOP CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2013

This study on  includes reference to the older consumer but can anyone tell what it actually means?6a01310f54565d970c017d3f6af161970c-120wi

Number 7 on their list of ‘The top ten consumer trends for 2013’ is “OLDER AND OFF TO WORK AND TRAIN”. as if that isn’t baffling enough, they confound more with this attempted explanation “More tech-savvy, active and image-conscious older consumers need and want to work and spend comfortably for longer as more governments and firms are raising or abolishing retirement thresholds”.

Some of the insights seem interesting but the authors have tried too hard to entertain us with catchy headings/. Here’s the full list of ‘Trends’;

  1. Spending on convenience nudging into the quest for value
  2. Crowded house redux
  3. Downtime decoded
  4. Food: More than a life staple
  5. Gendered consumption RIP?
  6. Local love
  7. Older and off to work and train
  8. Parenting lifestyles
  9. Shopping like it’s the future
  10. The roll call of consumer concerns

You can download a pdf here but don’t get your hopes up. It raises more questions than it answers.

Come on Euromonitor, you’re better than that!