Cosmetic brands missing the mark with older women – report

A recent survey shows there is a giant gap between what cosmetic companies are offering and what midlife women say they want.

In the research conducted by Boombox (click image to download the report) and reported in the Engage Boomers blog, American baby boomer women named the following beauty problems that “most need help”: Boombox

  • yellowing teeth
  • hair color
  • skin texture
  • age spots; and
  • uneven skin tone.

Not surprisingly, these are physiological issues that affect everyone’s looks as they age. They also represent areas where cosmetic products can deliver quickly verifiable results. Each represents a potential business opportunity as the population ages.

No category breeds as much distrust among American baby boomer women as anti-aging products. Almost 40% of them find the claims made by anti-aging skincare products to be either somewhat or completely non-credible.

Time for marketers to wake up to the opportunity.