Multi-tasking and the ageing mind – marketers beware

New on research on wandering minds and on multitasking highlight the challenge facing markets reaching the ageing consumer.

The research findings support the possibility that a focus on the present may be part of what promotes health measurable at the cellular level.

This is interesting when considered together with findings from Nielsen that shows how simultaneous usage of devices and media continues to grow as the world becomes more and more connected.

Among the findings about the habits of people 55 ~ 64 (click the illustration or here for more findings):

  • Most likely to use their tablets multiple times per day while watching TV
  • 44% user their tablets to dive deeper into the programs they are watching
  • The heaviest web surfers and email checkers during commercial breaks and programmes

Does reducing mind wandering promote better cell health? Or are these relationships just reflective of some underlying long-standing characteristics of a person? The question remains unanswered.

This challenge is not limited to delivering communications while people are multitasking. The likelihood that older consumers may be increasingly challenged by their wandering minds will impact every step along the customer journey. Marketers beware!

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