Car insurers missing an opportunity with older drivers

Drivers should be judged purely on their driving abilities and not merely on their age. However, discrimination against older motorists is still widespread, particularly among car insurers.

According to this article, older drivers in the UK frequently face quotes for car insurance 50% to 74% higher than those given to drivers aged 41 to 45. In addition, when older drivers do make claims, these cost just 2% more on average.

Since 6th April, members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) have agreed with the Government to improve access to motor and travel insurance for older customers.

Even so, almost half of major British insurers refuse to cover drivers aged 85 and over, depriving them of their right to be mobile and on the road.

Insurance companies are missing a profitable opportunity. Several UK companies now cater specifically to Britain’s over-50s, such as Saga Group, Age UK and Staysure. Age UK has 1,673 drivers aged 100 and over on its books — 13.2% of the estimated 12,640 centenarians in the UK — and is quite happy to take on this risk. Saga has around 6,000 drivers aged 91 and over.