25 apps for the ageing consumer

Here’s a nifty collection of apps to help older people manage their health. The list was developed by Medical Billing & Coding. Of course, the real message here is that this technology (devices and apps) is well within reach of the exploding army of older people.

In no particular order:

  1. Personal Caregiver

    This iPhone app offer reminders of when you need to take pills and refill prescriptions, and notifies you when they expire or are recalled.
  2. Pain Care

    The free Pain Care app allows you to log the location and intensity of your pains in real time for accurate reporting.

  3. TheCarrot.com

    The Carrot allows you to track all kinds of health information, including fitness, food, medication, blood pressure, weight management.

  4. LiveWello

    Designed to optimize the sharing of information between patients and doctors.

  5. Med Reminder Pro

    A good basic pill-scheduling program with few frills.
  6. Walgreens Mobile

    The official app of America’s largest drugstore chain not only facilitates pharmacy transactions, but helps with photo printing, coupons, shopping lists etc.

  7. Driver Seat Game, by Liberty Mutual

    This game from one of America’s most trusted insurers simulates driving with impaired eyesight and tests your reflexes.

  8. Over 40 Magnifier

    This handy app turns your iPhone into a magnifying glass and a flashlight, to help you make out small print or see better in low light.

  9. AARP Apps

    America’s largest lobbying group, advocate for retirees everywhere, has four apps.

  10. Elder 411 and Elder 911

    Elder 411 gathers and organizes hundreds of answers to your health questions while Elder 911 guides seniors through what to expect in health crisis situations.
  11. Yangutu

    Yangutu is a senior dating service with an iPhone/Android app, to help find someone special with whom to share your golden years.

  12. SeniorBridge Hospitalization Risk Assessment Tool

    This app for Managing Complex Chronic Care is a three-minute assessment that can help families make the complicated decision of how best to care for their loved ones.

  13. New LifeStyles

    The app helps locate and map senior living options near you, including retirement communities, assisted living, nursing homes and Alzheimer’s care.

  14. Motion Doctor

    This iPad app acts as a virtual physical therapist, offering instructions and video guides to lead users through exercises for pain prevention and injury recovery, also directing you to local professionals if needed.

  15. Phonotto

    Phonotto is a free Android app that streamlines the smartphone for seniors who aren’t interested in the zillions of bells and whistles that come with the territory. Its user interface is simple, colorful, and intuitive, enabling the user to make calls and texts, and that’s it.
  16. Ancestry.com

    As we get older, many of us develop an intensified interest in our roots. The ancestry.com app for allows you to grow and investigate your family tree.

  17. Brain Fit

    Brain Fit provides a variety of challenges to measure and spur your mental acuity.

  18. aSleep

    The aSleep app features 65 soothing sounds to help you get a good night’s rest. You can shake your device to shuffle the soundtrack. There’s also an alarm clock integrated into the app.

  19. All-In Yoga

    If you’re in pretty decent shape, too much so for the physical-therapy app, stay that way with All-In Yoga.

  20. Lose It!

    This weight-loss app helps you track your calories and weight.
  21. MapMyFitness

    Helps you track your effort to get back in shape, by mapping where you walk, jog, or run. There’s also a social component, so you can share your stats and encourage fellow fitness warriors.

  22. Medscape

    One of the top health apps on the market, this WebMD offering has a comprehensive drug and disease reference, drug interaction checker, medical news, professional directories and much more.

  23. Glucose Buddy

    This free app for diabetics enables you to track your blood sugar levels and medications. It has timed alarms to remind you when it’s time to take them.

  24. Find Me Gluten Free

    This app helps you find restaurants and foods that are gluten-free near you.

  25. Instant Heart Rate

    Simply place your fingertip over the lens of the phone’s camera and in less than ten seconds, it tells you your heart rate.