Vision sensing. The face of an age-friendly future?

Omron of Japan believes that machines can become people-friendly by detecting the person’s face and retrieving information from it.

Here’s an example lifted from Omron’s website:

Suppose an elderly person comes to a bank to make a money transfer. The person tries to operate the touch panel of the ATM but looks puzzled because the displayed characters are very small and hard to read What if the people-friendly ATM could estimate the person’s age from the face picture recorded with the built-in camera, then automatically enlarge the characters for display?

Omron has developed an advanced, world’s-first technology for estimating facial attributes. This innovative technology can estimate a person’s gender and age from a facial image, and it takes a mere second for estimation. The technology makes full use of Omron’s accumulated expertise in recognizing different parts of a face, as well as its database containing a huge volume of facial image data gathered from around the world and supported by ongoing research.