Ageing consumers more reluctant to share data online – study

Huge amounts of spending power sit with those who are “more reluctant” to share marketing information across multiple channels according to research published by Experian.

Just under one fifth of respondents (18 per cent) remain reluctant to share information with brands across any channels, with those aged 55 plus representing 40 per cent of this category. Younger consumers are more open to sharing marketing information about themselves across multiple channels.

The findings highlight the challenge facing marketers in encouraging the ageing consumer to also engage across the increasing number of channels available.

The research, which explored 2,000 UK consumers’ attitudes to sharing information with brands for marketing purposes, ranked respondents according to their willingness to share information such as their home address, email details, income, mobile number, marital status and Facebook details across six different channels – email, post, phone, text and social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Marketers need to build trust to engage with their ageing customers and move them to share more and richer data. The more channels consumers share information across, the greater the potential to link this data and the hotter they become in marketing terms.