Berlin electronics fair embraces age-friendly gadgets

Gadgets to make the lives of senior citizens simpler, safer and more fun are in the spotlight at the IFA, the world’s top showcase for consumer electronics and home appliances. A jump in demand has prompted organisers to offer guided tours for the 60-plus set.

Mobile phones with bigger buttons and incorporating a simple alarm clock, robotic vacuum cleaners that will not cause backache and the latest in hearing aid technology feature on the tour, amid smart TVs, tablets and high-end coffee makers.

The daily two-hour tours for seniors were introduced due to “increased demand” and the show wanted to cater for every age group, not only presenting but explaining new trends.

Reinforcing our view of age-friendly products and services, exhibitors explained that it was not just greying consumers using the products. Often they were bought by younger customers because they were quicker and easier to use or were more robust for a workplace.