BIC for women? How about BIC for old people!

BIC has recently generated a social media firestorm around the benign ballpoint pen. There’s a lesson here for brands that market to older consumers.

Even though we may have specific needs and preferences, we don’t necessarily want them to be exposed in public.

Hundreds of women, and a few intrepid men, are having a wonderful time lambasting BIC on for its “thin barrel designed to fit a women’s hand” that “has a diamond engraved barrel for an elegant and unique feminine style.”

Imagine a BIC for older people “it’s larger, rubberised grip makes it easy for older, arthritic fingers to grip”. Ironically, such a product would probably do very well, but older users would shy away if the mere act of purchasing and using would label them as being ‘old and arthritic’.

Caveat venditor. Seller beware!