Adult diaper has wetness alarm

Ckicom Technology sells a disposable adult diaper equipped with a moisture sensor and a wireless system that sends wetness alerts to nursing-home workers via personal computers and mobile phones.

A small clip-on sensor device attached to the diaper detects moisture through special carbon ink prints on the diaper’s inner surface and sends the information wirelessly to PCs and mobile phones. The clip-on device isn’t disposable.

According to this report from the Wall Street Journal, each disposable diaper costs US$1.20 or less, and nursing homes also need to purchase or lease the wireless system including the clip-on devices. For a nursing home with 100 beds, for example, the system would likely cost US$5,000 to US$10,000, the company said.

Ckicom’s CAREase diaper can detect wetness at three different levels, eliminating the need for workers to repeatedly check residents’ diapers just to see whether they need to be replaced.

The project is partially funded by the Hong Kong government.

Five nursing homes in Hong Kong are now testing the CAREase diaper, while the company’s Taiwanese distribution agent has recently received orders for 100,000 diapers.