Has this designer nailed age-friendly fashion?

This is certainly not my area of expertise but I do often hear complaints about the poor fashion options available to mature women.

But according to one fashionista, there’s hope from NYC designer Ammara Yaqub. The author contends that “the marketplace littered with low-cut babydolls and ever-shrinking shirts, Ammara levels a line that reasons down high hemlines and cleans up summer silhouettes. From a palette of papaya, sapphire blue, cream and yellow, come sophistcated pieces like the accordion floral sundress and a pattern-matching jumpsuit. The cocktail dresses get the nod as the ‘most age neutral piece’ (read: flowing chiffon means figure-friendly)”,

Looking at the stick-thin, youthful models used in the fashion shots, I think maybe I’ve been suckered into some clever PR blurb. I’ll let the women readers decide.