How do you feel about ageing? Pfizer goes social.

Here’s a clever idea that will hopefully reveal some interesting insights in time. Pfizer the US pharma giant has launched a major US social media campaign to kick-start a conversation about ageing and help it learn more about how Americans of all ages are tackling the issue. It is ageless in that anyone can post their views about ageing. Sadly the online experience is going to be a bit of a challenge for older people to participate. Check out the Get Old website.

The community offers users information tailored to how they feel about getting older – optimistic, angry, prepared or uneasy. Pfizer’s Get Old site has “a simple, but profound question” – How do you feel about getting old? The site allows users to share and view stories, photos and videos about getting old, and even vote on how they feel about ageing.

The company hopes that knowing more about how people cope with ageing, whether themselves, for their families or in society in general, will give it a better steer on how to respond to the issue.

Hope they share that information! The world could use this knowledge.