Pan-Asia research highlights different views about ageing

This research does little more than to remind us of the differences geography can have on peoples views of ageing.

Aging in Asia conducted by AIP asked 100 online respondents 40 and older in a number of Asian countries about their attitudes towards aging. Some interesting similarities and differences in attitudes towards aging are evident.There’s no detail about the age breaks so one has to assume that these are the attitudes of younger (40 something) people toward the concept of ageing rather than reflecting the reality of attitudes among older folks ‘now.’

The majority believe that a person is considered to be “elderly” around their 50s or 60s (that’s a 20-year spread and will no doubt extend once they reach that age themselves), and most respondents identified the same signs of aging (weakening eyesight, tiredness, and graying hair the top three), respondents in each market had very different ideas about their post-retirement plans and ways of preparing for post-retirement life.