Evian's Smart Drop fails on age-friendly basics

This device can be tacked onto the fridge and enable water delivery with the push of a single button…if you can find the button!

See the video and you’ll understand why this product, as clever as the technology may be, will fail with older consumers. Watch the finger activate the call button. It’s small and flush with the surface meaning the user probably gets minimal tactile feedback from pressing the button. The light gray symbols become near invisible against the white background. A beautiful but useless design. The design team at BETC are clearly very young.

It seems incredible that Danone can be so farsighted in this use of technology yet be unaware that, according to a recent report from McKinsey, the 55+ consumer in France will account for around two-thirds of all additional consumption in the period to 2030.


Initially, the website, called evianchezvous.com, is only available in Paris and its surrounding suburbs, the target being single-family homes and small businesses.

When will Danone realize that being age-friendly costs no more!?