Age-friendly parks multiply across Australia

Sydney’s first outdoor exercise area specifically for seniors was launched recently.

Seniors exercise parks are springing up around Australia, and around the world, as ideas like active ageing and age-friendly urban environments become more popular with local governments.

According to the report published here on Ageing Australia Agenda, the equipment is designed specifically for seniors with ease of access and less resistance than traditional gym equipment, with the focus instead on mobility, aerobic exercise and socialising.

The fitness station includes a water fountain, seats, bike racks and ten pieces of gym equipment, including treadmills, cross trainers and a cycle trainer, as well as a sit-up bench and pull-up bars.

A key component is the opportunity for improved socialisation, which in itself promotes community wellbeing and good health outcomes.”

The NSW Government is currently preparing to launch a draft whole-of-government ageing strategy in April, which will expect local governments like Lecihhardt to play a “pivotal role” in creating ‘liveable communities’ for older people, according to a summary paper released in December, Towards a NSW Whole of Government Ageing Strategy.

Leichhardt City is not a member of the World Health Organisation’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities, which also encourages local governments to build age-friendly urban environments, but according to the mayor, the inner-Sydney municipality may consider joining in the future.