Older radio listeners reject young presenters

The 50+ are deserting BBC local radio stations because their tastes are increasingly neglected by ever-younger staff according to this article in the Daily Mail.

Part of the problem was that producers and other employees at these stations were often too young to grasp the needs of older listeners.

But you can’t blame the presenters just as you can’t blame young copywriters or brand managers. How can you relate to something you’ve never experienced except through the eyes of your parents?

A report commissioned by the Corporation found they are turning away from their local services as stations are no longer airing content aimed at their age group.

50+ is the fastest growing demographic in the UK and one of the primary aims of the Corporation’s 40 local radio stations is to cater for older listeners.

The age divide also impacts at the retail and service level where young staff find it difficult to comprehend the needs of their older customers. Something we scrutinize at in our Age-Friendly Audit.