Silver online daters are fastest growing segment

Over-60s are more likely than younger singletons to use realistic photos when looking for love online, according to research.

According to this report in The Telegraph, older people also tend to describe themselves in more gentle and discreet manner on their online profiles, and are less likely to lead their suitors on a wild goose chase.

These are the conclusions of researchers who trawled popular online dating sites to find out how people of different ages present themselves to others.

However, while the biggest users are younger adults, researchers say the fastest growing group of users is now the over 60s.

Sites specifically aimed at older audiences are proliferating in Britain, such as, and

Older adults appear to approach the online dating scene quite differently than younger adults. Some specific findings from the research:

  • Less focus on appearance and status
  • More interested in honest self-representation and being compatible rather than discussing areas such as sexual prowess and nightlife
  • Terms such as ‘young at heart’ and ‘active’ were used to show physical fitness and good health
  • Many prefer to say they were simply after ‘companionship’ – a word frequently used in more traditional ‘personals’ pages of newspapers and not present as a relationship option on most dating sites
  • More likely to want to know more about their prospective date, such as their ambitions, political and religious beliefs
  • Less likely to play games. They want to make a decision quickly and cut their losses, because they have learned life is too short for dating games

The results of the group’s research have been presented to the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America in San Diego, California.