Boomer women feel neglected by marketers – Report

Some interesting research of expectations and motivations of 1,033 American women across the generations.

I’ve often said that relative to men, the greater life expectancy, habitual role and passion for shopping means that in the 50+ market, women will be a critical target for marketers. Yet two-thirds of women 50 years old or older feel “forgotten” by the beauty industry and 70% of them aren’t interested in buying products targeted to younger women. Download the entire report here.

In this research conducted by US agency SCHAWK perhaps most interesting finding was that across age groups, there was more similarity than differences across the factors.

I’ve picked the eyes out of the findings below:

  • About three-quarters of Baby Boomer women are motivated to follow their own personal motivations and to be fulfilled.
  • More than 50% of them are motivated to work, and 70% of them are motivated to have financial independence.
  • Almost 25% are working outside the home and almost 60% of working Boomers women believe they’ll continue working into their retirement years.
  • The majority believe they’ll work part-time for added income, while others will work for personal interest
    or enjoyment.
  • 35% of all Boomers have been divorced, with this group making up the majority of American divorcees.
  • 60% of Baby Boomer women were motivated to be in a relationship, representing the biggest gap between expectations and motivations across the age groups.
  • Older users frequent online dating sites more than other age groups to find a mate. comScore reported that users of online dating sites who
  • Almost 60% of them feel expected to be attractive and feminine.

Ignore the power of 50+ women at your peril.