5 things older travellers want

I thought this was a pretty good check-list of things older travellers want  And although I blogged about this subject here, I thought this list to be of particular worth.

  1. Flights without long transit times. Also, preferably no long haul or budget flights.
  2. Tours which have more sightseeing, cultural and heritage elements.
  3. Less hectic schedules and strenuous activities: less climbing and walking, more time to rest.
  4. Food which is less oily, salty and sweet.
  5. Hotels which can handle requests like firm beds, and which are situated near tourist spots.

What I like about this simple check-list is that it imagines many of the aspects encountered by older travellers rather than the usual focus on just one aspect.

These issues and more will be investigated in a survey being undertaken by the National Association of travel agents Singapore together with Temasek Polytech students from the gerontological management studies Department, specialising in travel and leisure management.

Hope the results will be made public and in so doing raise awareness of the need for age-friendly travel.