Guinness uses mentors for ageless strategy. Or does it?

Whether intended to cross the age divide as a clever piece of ageless marketing, I’m not sure but the Guinness Live campaign has all the makings.

The Facebook site here supports the campaign; Guinness Live : Mentoring the Next Generation of Local Music Talent.

To achieve this, senior (older) artists are paired with rising acts to help them through the competition. The ad to the right features a local artist, William Scorpion. He’s obviously shy about his age but he’s got to be 50+.

I’d love to think this was a deliberate strategy to connect older and younger drinkers, as done successfully by Guinness elsewhere in the world, but I’m not so sure.

Perhaps just a gimmick to sprinkle stardust on an otherwise boring competition?

Here’s a TV commercial from December 2009 which uses a similar strategy to connect older and younger.