Leading brands embrace ageless marketing

Brands popular with baby boomers are using the similarities in attitudes the generation has with a younger demographic to market their products and services across a wider age range. So says this article in Marketing Week. What they’re talking about is ageless, age-friendly or age-neutral marketing and it’s the new business mantra.


There is so much overlap in the values and attitudes of boomers and ’millennials’ – those born between 1982 and 1996 – that some brands are considering targeting them in the same way. Older consumers often have significant disposable income, while young people are often seen as trendsetting and keen to spend.

Skype, aims for both boomers and youngsters in the video-calling brand’s marketing by talking about common experiences, rather than sticking rigidly to demographic targeting.


Diageo says targeting 18 to 34-year-olds is so outdated. Marketers need to respect and understand consumers over 35 who are adopting new media and staying active.

L’Oréal says: “Baby boomers are the core of our business and have grown up with our products. They are technology savvy and we think a lot about them when we design our apps.”

New Balance has broad appeal across the age groups but focuses heavily on the functional benefits of its products that promise to help people get more out of life. The business has expanded its range to make sure it brings younger people into the brand, while still appealing to its average European consumer, who is 37 years old.