Age-Friendly European Union by 2020

EuroCommerce, representing the retail, wholesale and international trade sectors in Europe, has issued a manifesto for an age-friendly society and it sounds ambitious but positive to me.

Their definition of an Age-Friendly European Union follows:

Fostering solidarity between generations and enabling the active participation and involvement of all age groups in society while providing them with adequate support and protection. Through an Age-Friendly European Union, every age and population group will benefit from:

  1. A positive attitude to ageing that recognises the value of all age groups’ identities and contribution to society;

  2. An inclusive labour market that ensures the participation in paid work of younger and older people, including those with disabilities or chronic conditions, supports the intergenerational knowledge transfer and enables workers to both maintain their health and reconcile their work and private lives;

  3. Accessible outdoor spaces, buildings and transport as well as adapted housing and physical activity facilities that promote independent living and participation in society for longer, while increasing opportunities for exchange within and across generations;

  4. Goods and services that are adapted to the needs of all;

  5. Digital inclusion to enable participation in the increasingly ICT-based society as citizens,

    employees, consumers, service users and carers, friends and family members;

  6. The possibility to have a voice in the decision-making and research processes that affect them;

  7. The opportunity to actively participate in volunteering, cultural, sport and recreational activities, thus creating and/or maintaining their social networks, gaining new competences and contributing to their personal fulfilment and wellbeing;

  8. Access to lifelong and intergenerational learning to acquire new skills and knowledge at any age;

  9. Social protection systems based on intra- and inter-generational solidarity that prevent and alleviate poverty, guarantee adequacy of old-age income and sustainability of pension schemes for both current and future generations, ensure access to quality social and healthcare services across the life course and support informal carers;

  10. Conditions and opportunities to grow and age in good mental and physical health through disease prevention and the promotion of physical activity, a healthy diet, wellbeing and health literacy, as well as action on key social determinants of ill-health.

Download the “Eurocommerce age-friendly manifesto” here.