When growing old gets cool

I can’t see a headline like this and not blog about it.

This article in the FT argues in relation to ageing pop stars  ” is this (sad ageing) decline inevitable? The diktats of popular culture are cruel on wrinkly know-how. Film and music are only interested in the here and now. Is it possible for a pop artist to grow old gracefully? Dylan growls in a shot-to-pieces voice, while Mick Jagger cavorts on stage still singing, a little improbably, of frustrated satisfaction. Enfeeblement or parody. Is there a middle way? How can you recapture the energy of youthful exploits as you hit the bus-pass years?

The article concludes: “Pop’s mature practitioners are helping an art form reach maturity. We can enjoy other aspects of the great tradition: the craft and expertise that somehow got lost along the way“.

And what a perfect way to preside over the gradual waning of a career, pleasing the old fans but also reaching new audiences, through making good music, and making it more accessible thanks to the technological revolution that is so often seen as its enemy. Daryl’s House is the unlikely setting for a small revolution in rock and roll attitude. Getting old has finally become cooler than dying“.

Pleasing the old fans but also reaching new audiences? Sounds like age-friendly music!?