Senior Uses Facebook to Shame Youth

Here’s a story that’s a sign of things to come, as the world ages.  It’s been whipping around the social media in Singapore over the past few days.


Jason Wang, a 63-year-old architect, took to social networking site Facebook to voice his disapproval of the younger man who refused to give up his seat on a subway train reserved for senior citizens. He also posted a photo, shot with his camera phone, of the seated commuter.

The hapless young chap happened to be wearing the lanyard of his employer, HSBC who later had to issue a statement confirming that its chief executive had replied to Wang to apologise on behalf of the employee. The bank disclosed that Liang, a temp, would be counselled and his supervisor and the temp agency informed.

Whether an older person expecting better treatment by younger folk or an older customer expecting more understanding and respectful treatment by a marketer, we must expect a more vocal consumer group of older customers. A group with the time and resources to take their grievances online with far reaching consequences for the companies involved.

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