Boomer Men See Sex As Vital Indicator Of Health: Survey

According to a survey of boomer men (45~64) in Singapore revealed that over 70% say they see sex as a vital indicator of their health and wellbeing.

The SINGAPORE MEN’S VITALITY SURVEY targeted 400 Singaporean men to understand their views and approach to health as they grow older. Some of the findings:

Sexual health and the ageing male:

  • Over 70 per cent say they see sex as a vital indicator of their health and wellbeing
  • Almost half of them rate “maintaining a healthy sex life with their spouse” as important as “limiting alcohol intake” and “stress management” 
  • 74 per cent wish they had sex at least once a week, but only 49 per cent actually do
  • Almost 63 per cent say they no longer have the same energy for sex as they used to and are concerned about the decline in sexual fitness as they grow older
  • Close to 60 per cent say they are aware that reduced sexual desire is tied to underlying health problems with the top two identified causes being depression and a drop in testosterone levels
  • Almost half (45 per cent) say they would speak to their spouse about sexual health problems; 15 per cent say they would prefer to look up their problem on the Internet over talking to someone

Psyche of the ageing Singapore male:

  • 92 per cent are concerned with staying healthy and vital into their golden years 
  • 71 per cent indicate that they are curious about new treatments to help them stay vital into their 60s
  • 81 per cent recognise that “good diet and exercise” are important factors to maintaining good health
  • More than half (55 per cent) view “having friends and social connections” as an indicator of good health 
  • Almost half (46 per cent) say they “wish they had the endurance to do physical activities more regularly”
  • A third of respondents chose their twenties as years they most cherished because they felt it was a period in their lives when they had “sustained energy levels to keep themselves going both physically and psychologically”

The health and wellness industry should see the opportunities here.


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