Is Age-Neutrality Behind The Growth of Marks & Spencer?

Having followed the use of 58 year-old Twiggy as a spokesperson/model for British-based retailer Marks & Spencer, an article proclaiming the recent success of the store caught my eye: “M&S sales hold up as market share grows

“Marks & Spencer has grown its market share in food and clothing, and delivered a 0.1% rise in like-for-like UK sales for the first quarter. M&S chief executive Mark Bolland claimed the company grew market share in the category from 11.3% to 11.6%. He said: “Strong products backed by great advertising meant we outperformed the market and grew share in both food and clothing.”

Actually, the first Twiggy ads appeared in late 2005 it says something that they are in the main sticking with the same campaign and it seems to still be working.

Dick Stroud has blogged about the latest ad here and includes comments from the public about the ad.

Is this age-neutral thinking contributing to the success of Marks & Spencer we don’t know but it certainly makes sense. And they wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t deliver to the bottom line.


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