Singapore 50+ Expo. Where Are The Age-Neutral Products?

There’s no doubt that the Singapore 50+ Expo is an impressive event. A carnival-like atmosphere and people willing to participate in games and to line up for 10 minutes for a hearing test or a free sample of ‘something’.JPEG

A huge space crammed with products and services of interest to people over 50.

JPEGThe was an ‘Active Ageing’ area devoted to education and promotion of active lifestyle.

In the main exhibitors area, products ranged from the expected healthcare products, supplements and services, to financial services (insurance, banking and wills) to assistive devices and impressive mock-up apartments by the Singapore Housing Development Board demonstrating it’s age-friendly living.JPEG

The thing I noticed here though was that business still sees this as a ‘silo market’.

Where were the Canon and Nikon booths appealing to the photo enthusiasts?

Where were the car manufacturers?

In other words, where were the age-neutral exhibitors who recognise the potential of this time and cash rich segment?

JPEGMaybe we will realise the industry has come of age and the marketing world has woken up to the potential, when such exhibitors set up stands at these events. Not just products and services for older people but recognising the captive market in attendance, and using the venue to sell their age-friendly wares.

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