Simplification: A Fundamental Key To Being 'Age-Friendly'?

From this article on the BBC I was interested that the consumer behaviour of America’s younger generations seem to be aligning with the those of the ageing boomers.

Veteran US pollster John Zogby has witnessed a fundamental redefinition of the American Dream, even for that matter, the American character.

He has identified an active and engaged simplification movement in the US – people who have concluded that they do not need the next iteration of the iPhone because the last version did not make them a better person – a contrast to the stereotypical ‘Boomer self-indulgence’.

As we age, cognitive decline together with other physiological impediments plus weariness with marketing ‘hype’ and a desire to make money last longer are encouraging ‘simplification’.

This is something that Phillips talks about “Makes life simple” and Apple actually does. And older consumer love it.

Maybe ‘simplification’ is a fundamental of being ‘age-neutral’ and ‘age-friendly.’

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