Age Signage or Handicap Signage? Either, Neither or Both?

Here’s a sign I spotted on the door of a toilet at the newly refurbished Meritus Mandarin Hotel in Singapore’s Orchard Road.


The usual sign for handicapped has given way to a sign for elderly. An attempt to be age-friendly? I wonder if it is considered ‘friendly’ by older people?

The conundrum is this;

Would an older person feel less intimidated entering a loo marked for handicapped people, or would a handicapped person feel less intimidated entering a loo marked for the elderly? A quick examination revealed that they’re both basically the same inside.

Either, neither or both?

In some way it’s like the redundant explanation we get on how to fasten and unfasten our seat belt we still get as part of the pre-take off announcement on all flights. Anyone who has driven a car since 1965 will probably have a fair clue as to how this is done. Similarly, I suspect most human beings (particularly those visiting a 5 star hotel) are going to realise that the loo with the wide door is more likely suitable for them if they are in anyway physically impaired.

By the way, the hotel’s website is one of the few that has a font enlargement feature. Good effort.

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