Supermarket Hires Seniors For Customer Relations

The Singapore-based supermarket chain, FairPrice, will hire up to 20 seniors above the age of 60 as customer-relations officers as part of a pilot project launched yesterday.

These officers will be in charge of helping customers with their needs and queries, and also gathering feedback from them.

They will be assigned to any of the 20 FairPrice supermarkets islandwide, with one officer at each outlet. It is hoped that this will encourage seniors to lead an active lifestyle through employment. The project will be assessed after a period of three months.

Currently, shoppers above the age of 60 enjoy 2% off their shopping bills on Tuesdays at FairPrice outlets, under the Seniors Discount Scheme. The scheme has helped senior shoppers save $8.3 million since its inception in 2002.

Nice initiative, no doubt politically motivated, and it will be interesting to see if it continues after the 3-month ‘pilot period’ ends.

FairPrice is far from age-friendly in it’s shopping experience. Not exactly known for wide aisles and clear signage, it will also be interesting to see if they do anything to make their shopping environment better for their older shoppers.

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