Did The Age Of Judges Affect The Academy Award Results?

The average voting member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is 57 years old. Questions are being raised about how this may have influenced the choice of winners.JPEG

The selection of The King’s Speech and The Black Swan come as no suprise, but certainly the older judges are likely to find greater affinity with the subject matter than they are with movies such Social Networks and Toy Story 3.

In an article titled “Why Age Matters” published late last year by Stephen Galloway, he said of The King’s Speech “…the film is perfectly skewed to the Academy’s older crowd.  Its central character was 40 when he ascended the throne, but he’s played by Colin Firth, who at 50 fits the voters’ tastes even better.  Add to that a cast led by such middle-aged vets as Helena Bonham Carter (44) and Geoffrey Rush (59) ……”

Interesting point!?

Looking at the more democratic poll of Yahoo patrons, they voted the winner to be Inception (31%) ahead of The Kings Speech (23%). The Social Network and Toy Story 3 garnered only 8% and 3% respectively. Vindication.

As SILVER is always on about creating an ‘age-friendly’ society, I think it’s fair and reasonable that the judges who vote for these prestigious awards should fairly represent adult society. Maybe it’s time for some young blood?

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