TV Spot for South African Tourism Features Retired Couple. But Fails To Follow-Through.

Good to see at least one government waking up to the fact that senior travel represents a huge business opportunity (particularly outbound from developed countries).

Here’s a commercial featuring for Carol and Artie’s holiday in South Africa 2010. (You seriously need to be American, perhaps New Jersian, to relate to this couple!).

So assuming ‘older’ intrepids are provoked to act on this communication, their next stop would be here, the official South African Tourism website. Oh my Lord! What a mess!

Confusing and arguably more dangerous and harder to navigate than Kruger National park! Certainly not ‘Age-Friendly’

So it seems that even within the marketing communications team there are people smart enough to appeal to the older travellers but not smart enough to understand the customer journey from awareness to sale.

SilverAudit to the rescue?

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