Insurance Against Early-Age Physical Decline!?

Noticed an ad in the newspaper today from Prudential; the insurer.


It’s for their PRUearly stage disability product.

The headline, photos & captions caught my eye:

We’ll be there when the simple things in life get tough.

  • Like seeing clearly
  • or sitting and rising from a chair
  • or removing pills from a pack
  • or carrying weights of 2kg
  • or even speaking and hearing clearly.

Sound familiar? They are a few of the common physiological effects of ageing. (Our SilverAudit covers 20 such effects).

The really interesting thing is that this insurance is open to people 1 ~ 60 years of age.

So, when we say that the world needs to be redesigned and reformulated to be ‘age-friendly’, it is clear that this is not only applicable ot ‘old’ people. It’s about making the world an easier place for everyone to live.

Interestingly, if you check out Pru’s website here, it’s one of the most difficult I’ve seen for older people (anyone)?) to negotiate. Maybe Prudential needs to take some of its own medicine!?

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