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Some fascinating research from Siegel + Gale a strategic branding firm, about the effect of ‘Simplicity’ over brand preference and value. As ‘Simplicity’ is one of the essentials of being ‘Age-Friendly’, I was intruiged. The study covers 6,152 people across USA, UK, Germany, China, India and Dubai & Saudi Arabia. I have asked S&G for a breakdown of samples by age but no reply yet.

Click here to download the (Free) research report.

Some conclusions from the research;

  1. While what makes for simplicity isn’t always straightforward, it is improving the lives of people everywhere. And, they’re willing to pay more for it.
  2. The young feel that life is much more complex than the elderly and the two age groups also have different reasons for feeling that their lives are either simple or complex.
  3. Depending on the industry, between 10% and 23% of people are willing to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. The amount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant; For example; for simpler experiences, people would pay 6% more for:
  • Technology/Electronics
  • Retail; Fashion
  • Retail; Grocery
  • Automotive

This word cloud graphic shows words used most frequently to answer the question. Those sixty and older find their lives have gotten significantly simpler, mostly due to retirement and having more time; however, they often see technology as making their lives more complex.


Interestingly and quite uniquely in this research, older Chinese respondents are much more likely than others to feel that life has gotten more complex in the last 10 years, likely a result of the rapid pace of change.

The keys to simplicity echo many of our essentials for ‘Age-Friendly’ business:

  1. Communicating directly, clearly and without jargon
  2. Saving time with increased convenience and accessibility
  3. Reducing stress by providing savings/value
  4. Ease of use and interactions
  5. Enabling consumers to get more from life: deeper relationships, easygoing lifestyles

The other great thing about simplicity is that it is appreciated by young and old alike i.e. ‘age-neutral’. Thus, products and services that are engineered with simplicity in mind, are on the right path to also being ‘Age-Friendly’.

We support that 100%!

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