The Global Impact of an Aging World. Download Neilsen pdf

My respected friend Dick Stroud has already blogged this so please check out his comments here.

JPEGThe aspect I found most interesting is the varying perceptions of “How old must one be to be considered old?”

The answers vary depending on the median age of the country and the age of the respondent.

Nielsen’s survey (download pdf here) reflect the strong variation across countries and regions in the age of populations. In the 14 oldest countries surveyed (median age of 42), 70% think old is over the age of 70, with nearly one in three thinking old is over age 80. In the 14 youngest countries surveyed (median age of 27), 27% say being in your 60s is old and an equal percentage believe that 70s is old. Less than 1% in the youngest countries surveyed say you’re not old until your 80s.

A person’s own age is also a strong predictor of what age is considered old.
Globally, nearly half of those over the age of 60 think that being old means over the
age of 80. Of those under the age of 60, there is an interesting three-way divide. Fully one-third think old is being in your 70s, 26% believe old is in your 60s and
27% consider old as over 80. As age rises, so too does the perception of how old
is old.


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