New Fashion Brand Aims At Mature Women – Isme

I’d love a dollar for every time a ‘mature’ woman has complained to me about the lack of appropriate fashion options.

Apart from the usual colour, fit and ‘appropriateness’ of the garments, mature women don’t feel comfortable being served by teeneage sales assistants in darkened retails shops balring the latest hip-hop singles.

However, in the UK last month, one on-line retailer is targetting specifically at the mature woman in a sensitive way.Using a well known TV celebrity, Lynda Bellingham, 62, as the spokesperson, this TV commercial plays on the common lament of older women “That’s not me” which links handily to the brand name “Isme”. (Although not particularly aspirational).

Cleverly, the company has heightened the latent need for their brand with a piece of research among 1, 246 women, of which 47% were over-50, which revealed:

  • eight out of ten British women over the age of 50 think men no longer notice them
  • seven out of ten feel overlooked by the fashion industry
  • three-quarters of women in their 60’s believe they have lost their individual identity by being labelled as a ‘mum’.

It will be interesting to see how this all goes. But I think the idea of buying (discretely) online helps to remove any stigma a woman may otherwise feel walking into a store so clearly targetted at mature women.

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