Dentists Benefit As Older People Seek To Improve Their Smile

Experts say that once associated only with children and teens, braces are now becoming increasingly popular with adults seeking orthodontic treatment at a later age. there isn’t a “cut-off” age for getting braces. So you could be pushing 70 and still be able to get braces without harming your oral tissues.

JPEGAs we age, years of drinking coffee, tea, red wine and colas take their toll. Combine that with the natural thinning of the tooth enamel and we face a gray smile each morning and throughout the day. Other physiological changes in the mouth include:

  • Fragile teeth – with age, teeth become more brittle, leading to cracks, chips and shearing
  • Worn down teeth – daily chewing, chomping and grinding wears away the enamel of the teeth, as well as the tooth structure
  • Crooked teeth – as we age, we have more health problems that can affect the gum tissue. When the gums recede, teeth no longer hold their original positions
  • Dingy teeth – hastened by the ingestion of certain liquids and tobacco smoke
  • Darkened or yellow teeth – as we age the underlying tooth layer thickens causing this effect

An opportunity for dentists who understand market segmentation.

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