Ageism in the Theatre?

Singpaore is a city that tries hard to be age friendly but often misses the mark.

JPEGTheir whole “Active Ageing” initiative is, by definition, ageist in my opinion.

Here’s another example of cringe-inducing targeting. “Theatre For Seniors”. (But note the “Theatre for all ages” climb down next to the headline).

I suspect this age-limiting title will not only limit the public interest to attend, but also the potential talent that would otherwise like to be involved.

Can you imagine “Theatre for Seniors” in New York, Sydney, London? Or any other city with a thriving arts scene? It would be laughed off the stage (pun intended).

Patronizing idiots. Maybe they’re smart by ensuring they keep their share of the Arts Council funding by sucking up to the 18 year olds or securing funding from one of the Ministries for appearing to support ‘Active Ageing’.

Come on Singapore. You can do better.