New Travel Site Claims to Target 50+. But Does It?

The student travel agency, STA Travel, has unveiled a new brand it claims to target the over-50s. I beg to differ.

Bridge the World has been launched with a new proposition, identity and website, as an extension of STA Travel. Bollocks!JPEG


The PR blurb claims the site will offer information for older travellers about flights, hotels, travel insurance, visas, and tours of Australia and New Zealand, among others but a closer look suggests it’s merely an ‘ageless’ version of the youth-oriented STA travel site. No special content as far as I can see, just a filtering out of overt student/youth related messages.

The creators say “The new 50-plus traveller has much more in common with STA’s core younger travellers than you might expect. They value independence and new experiences, but they want different service and environments”. But STA don’t seem to have thought about making theier website any more age-friendly than the youthful version! Distracting running ticker and pages cluttered with offers will not appeal to mature web users.

In addition to the online presence, the brand will have a place on the high street. Bournemouth will be the first location in the UK to host a Bridge the World branch, opening on 2 October. It will be interesting to see whether they’ve considered the physilogy of their intened target in the design of their retail outlet.

What’s the bet they haven’t!?

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