Tips For Age-Friendly Housing

In and earlier posting we cited research from the USA that indicates housing designed in an age-friendly manner can command a stubstantial premium over normal houses.

This article from the Business of Ageing blog identifies some basics to keep in mind when designing age-friendly environments.

I’ve summarized the points here:Avoid stairs. keep everything they need on one level of the home.

  • Lower countertops for those confined to wheelchairs so they can continue to participate in activities like cooking.
  • “Wet room” instead of a bathroom, eliminating all curbs and obstacles in the bathroom. Slip prevention surfaces.
  • Traction strips on any stairs or walkways outside.
  • Low storage areas that are well above knee level, in kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom areas.
  • Install railings and grab bars on stairs, steps, near the shower, toilet, and other areas that might warrant standing up.

Good tips.


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