Study On Sex And Boomer Women Reveal Surprising Results

A ‘Giant Market Opportunity’, according to this post in Engage Boomers.

The study, conducted by reveals that Boomer women in the USA:

  • More than half say they are dissatisfied with their sex lives.
  • Eighty percent said they masturbate and 56% use sex toys (another 10% is interested in them).
  • 44% have sex less than once a month.

Yet, an all-male panel of the FDA recently rejected Boehringer Ingelheim’s application to approve flibanserin (the “female Viagra”) for human use because the average test user reported an increase of “only” one additional satisfying sexual event per month. A medical solution for female sexual dysfunction could build a giant business (The New York Times cited a 2005 study that estimated a market opportunity of at least $4 billion), yet women know that it will be addressed more slowly, and more quietly, than the same market opportunity for men.

According to the author, “sex-related products are gaining in mainstream distribution and sales, but I wonder how many marketers and retailers recognize that the fast-growing demographic of Boomer women may be driving much of this trend.”

Smart marketers do recognize this fact, and are doing just what they should do by answering real human needs and offering products and services that actually improve life.

Now THERE’S an ‘Age-Neutral’ product category!

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