Sex More Important To 45+ Men Than Women – Survey

Baby boomers are starting to influence attitudes toward sex relative to older generations. According to a study recently released by AARP covering 1,670 adults 45+ in the USA, opposition to sex among those who are not married has declined 50% over the past 10 years.JPEG

Men continue to think about sex more often than women, see it as more important to their quality of life, engage in sexual activities more often, are less satisfied if without a partner, and are twice as likely (21% vs 11%) to admit to sexual activity outside their relationship.

The surprising news is that according to the study (and perhaps as a result of the stressful economic environment) both the frequency of sexual intercourse and overall sexual satisfaction are down about 10 points since 2004, while the frequency of self stimulation and sexual thoughts and fantasies have not changed.

What about Asia?

A very controversial subject. In cultures where concubines and harems have been present for many hundreds of years, the notion of older men feeding their desires outside the principle relationship is very much alive and well.

In fact, it’s huge business. Enough said.