1 in 3 Online Entrepreneurs Are 50+ – Survey

A USA national survey of 25,000 businesses also found that the morning newspaper has become almost irrelevant to small business owners, with 48% going online immediately after waking (compared to just 3% reading print news). CityMax.com who conducted the survey said “We’ve seen a recent surge in older entrepreneurs making their own websites,”

The survey found California to be the most entrepreneurial state online (12.3% of those polled), followed by Texas (8.4%) and Florida (7.0%). Two thirds of online businesses had no paid employees, and two in five generated a household income upwards of $75,000. Surprisingly, half (51%) of online businesses claimed that they were not negatively affected by the past year’s recession.

Other notable trends included the majority of online entrepreneurs foregoing long work hours, in favor of more efficient websites using tactics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social media marketing is also currently at the forefront of small business owners’ minds, yet very few are monitoring their online reputations (28%) or have begun any social media campaigns (19%).

I think we would find similar results if the survey were conducted among 50+ in developed markets of Asia Pacific.

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