Korean Soccer Stadium Tries Age Segmentation

Korean football fans are known to be especially loyal to their hometown clubs. But the principal doesn’t really go for FC Seoul, the only club based in a city with a population of over 10 million. Consequently, FC Seoul is applying a different approach in marketing.

It’s marketing staff provides various events and amenities at Samgam to appeal to a wide range of fans who visit the stadium. For older people, they have a food court where they can find traditional and difficult-to-find foodstuffs to remind them of old memories.

Part of the stadium is allocated as the “chicken zone,” where younger couples can enjoy watching the matches while munching on fried chicken, as baseball fans often do at the ballparks.

In a longer-term plan, the club plans to foster child fans that will develop into a solid base for the team in the future. At every game, FC Seoul carries out different events targeting children, including the chance to walk onto the pitch with players at the start of the match.

“The ageing populations will impact any consumer business” Kim Walker. (Even soccer!)

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